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Jul 17, 2011 10:00pm PDT
only today's bombshell in this widening case. rebecca brooks willingly made an appointment to go to the police station today to answer questions. when she arrived she was arrested. >> it will become a formal part of the criminal inquiry. >> reporter: brooks' arrest came as a surprise. this was a shock. >> this morning i informed the palace and secretary and mayor of my intention to resign as commissioner of the metropolitan police service. >> reporter: the powerful head of london's police force resigned. not because is he personally suspected of wrongdoing but it was on his watch that the former news of the world editor neil wallace was hired as a p.r. consultant to the police. he has since been arrested in connection with hacking. when this scandal exploded two weeks ago no one dreamed how many powerful people would be dragged in and down. in the u.s. les hinton publisher of the wall street journal resigned on friday. he may face further questions what he knew as a top murdock executive in britain in 2007. and then there are the murdocks themselves. rupert, the tycoon head of news
Jul 16, 2011 10:00pm PDT
rebecca brooks. hours later, the ceo resignation of the dow jones. gone on two executives executives who were firing walls. >> the thing about firewalls, they eventually burn through. they just delay the fire, they don't stop it. >> reporter: one of them to grill them, tom watson. >> i want to know if he was aware a crime had taken place. who gave him the advice and though those thingings. i would like rupert to tell us what he knows as well. under pressure to explain his leadership, records were forced to show 26 meetings or their employees since taking office, and he also hosted james and rebecca at his official country residents. cameron courted them knowing that their hill careers could be made or broken. dana lewis, cbs news london. >>> the a's and the angels playing two. he did flash leather. sports is next. came crashing down to earth tonight in san diego... bill, st >>> barry zitto has been flying high since coming off the disabilitied list, but he came crashing down tonight. struggling right out of the gate. giving up the 3-run homer. the former giant prospect, jesus guzman,
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2